Education Profile 2010

4.0 Education

                The school was constructed in 1988 and officially opened in Febuary1989.  (See pictures 27 to 31) There are six classrooms, principal’s office, counsellor’s office, library, resource room, computer lab, staff room, and boiler room with janitor/storage room. In addition to the school, there is the gym, kitchen, additional small classroom, special education room, native language office and two storage rooms. There is a separate building with two high school classrooms. School property also has a new playground (2009), outdoor rink, soccer field and baseball field. In addition to the school buildings, there are seven teachers’ quarters where teachers live during the school year and are equipped with indoor plumbing, heat and electricity. (see pictures 32 to 35)

                All teaching staff has teaching degrees or teaching certificates to work in a school. Teacher who are hired from outside the community only come to the community during the school year, then they leave for the summer holidays.  Local staffs are hired who have been trained as educators or have graduated from secondary school.

                The school is organized and administered by the Wunnumin Lake Education Authority and enrolment is always at a maximum. Secondary school courses are offered up to grade 10 level and levels above that students have to leave the community to further their educational requirements for Ontario Secondary School Diploma. For post-secondary students, they have to leave the community and apply at an educational institute of their choice whether it be in a community college or a university.

4.1 Projected Enrolment

Table 9 Projected Enrolment Source: Education Authority

4.2 Wahsa Distance Education

Wahsa Distance Education Centre (see picture 36) delivers high school credits through Wawatay Radio Network located in Sioux Lookout. The learning institute has had tremendous success rate of graduates through the year when it first started. Students receive their learning materials through an arrangement with Wasaya Airways and have their classes by distance education mode with an instructor or independent study. Wunnumin Lake has their own community learning centre where classes are held Monday-Friday.

4.3 Education Buildings

Picture27-Lydia Lois Beardy Memorial School
Picture 28-Gymnasium


4.3 Education Buildings (continued)

Picture 29- Playground 

                                                                                        Picture 30-Playground

Picture 31-High School building
Picture 32-Two three bedroom houses
Picture 33-Duplex with two bedrooms in each unit 
Picture 34-Duplex with one bedroom in each unit


Picture 35-Three bedroom house
Picture 36-Wahsa Distance Education Centre


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